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Automatic weighing machine weighing process and application

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Automatic weighing machine aka: weight sorting machine. It is a low-speed, high-precision online checkweighing device that can be integrated with various packaging lines and conveyor systems. It is mainly used to check whether the weight of the product is qualified, whether there is a missing component or the weight of the product in the package.

Weighing process: 

1. Front-end conveying mechanism: the object to be measured is sent to the weighing mechanism, on the one hand, the object is given an initial speed, so that after entering the weighing mechanism, the stability is achieved more quickly; on the other hand, the front-end material is isolated and shock-absorbing. Function to ensure measurement accuracy; 

2. Intermediate weighing mechanism: This part is the most critical part of the whole mechanical system. Its structural design and installation accuracy directly affect the measurement accuracy of the system. It consists of a conveyor motor, a photoelectric monitoring part and a load cell. Complete dynamic weighing of the object; 

3. Back-end sorting mechanism: This part is the action part of sorting, which consists of conveying part, pneumatic valve and hopper. Complete the elimination and sorting of the unqualified parts of the object. The rejection method can be set to various methods such as blowing, putting, lever, and dropping.

Automatic weighing machines are mainly used in the following occasions:

1. Final inspection of product weight In the final part of product production, the weight of the product is re-examined, and the unqualified product is removed to ensure that the weight of the manufactured product meets the requirements. This helps to ensure the interests of both the consumer and the manufacturing company.

2. Feedback control The automatic checkweigher not only provides the weight signal of the product, but also rejects the unqualified product. It can also output the feedback signal to the packaging filling device according to the difference between the average weight and the nominal weight, and automatically adjust the average weight to make it Set the weight to be consistent, which reduces production costs.

3. Product Missing Inspection For products containing small packages in large packages, such as beverage boxes, where large bags contain multiple small bag products, the product may be missing due to equipment or personnel factors.

4. Sorting the classification Automatic classification of products with uneven weight.



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