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Product Detail

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automated weighing system


First Automatic Checkweigher Manufacturing

The application:

check weigher is suitable for in-line weight check of food, medicine, chemical, consumer product, etc.

1 Detection of ferromagnetic impurities contained in foods and medicines

2 Detection of iron filings and alloy fragments in chemical raw materials, rubber products, and paper products.

check weigher application

Technical Feature

1. High sensitivity HBM sensor is adopted. stable sensitivity and no need to do calibration often.

2. Autodynamic zero track technology is adopted, ensuring accuracy.

3. Various options of reject structure and unqualified product can be removed automatically.

4. Friendly designed touch screen HMI, simple and easy to operate and setting.

5. Parameters can be saved. Production data can be statistics and saved to USB.

6. The parameter value can be set automatically by input the product information and weighing requirements.

Production Process:

check weigher process

Our Certificite:

check weigher manufacturecheck weigher sellercheck weighre product


check weigher shipping


Q: Are you manufacturer or trade Company?

A: We are a factory of metal detector machines with trade team for international service.

Q: When is delivery?

A: 15 or 18 working days after advance are received.


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