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Anli meets the new challenges of the century

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Shanghai Juzhao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has special views on Anli meeting the new challenges of the century
At present, the market base of measuring instruments in the world is monopolized by the country of origin, such as agilent, tektronix, fluke, hioki, yokogawa, japan. Deschwart (rohde & schwarz (r / s)), Japan Anritsu (anritsu), Japan Advantest (advantest). . Through the theory of theory, each type of system is analyzed, and its superior error is compared. The whole body has a clear familiarity with the whole, and the premise and measurement scale of each type of combination are obtained. Considering this topic, we choose the automatic balance bridge system. All things and phenomena are related to each other, and they cannot break up each other. The "Ten--/1 Theory" says: "The law of human beings is self-sufficiency." Separating this heart, there is no human cause, but Separate the dip, and no heart is visible.
Submission address: Room 1001, Room 2d-1101, Anli Garden, No. 66 Anli Road, Xiangyang District, Beijing Tel: 010-64907253 E-mail: 5272760@sina renwoxingxhq@vip.sina☆ The famous poetry reference is published every year. 2 Chinese high-tech measuring instruments.
Comprehensive tester mt8801c Anli's wireless communication tester mt8801c integrates phs transmitter test and receiver test functions. In addition, it also integrates multiple system test functions to support gsm, gprs and cdma systems. All parameter settings and test execution are done on the pc, and the test function automatically generates the test report name or the engineer's self-defined form. You can also preview the entire test data on the screen, or print it through the printer or put all the Test data and waveforms are stored in the computer for subsequent processing. Impedance measurement is a very important technique in electronic measurement. 3 Have we noticed that there are many things around us, and many of them are Buddhas and Bodhisattvas? 4 Look at the people around us in detail, some of them are happy to help us, and some obstacles are obstructing us. In Guangdong, Guangxi, and Henan, he was regarded as a fellow (in the summer of 1908, he was invited to lecture in Henan. At that time, the provincial party committee and the provincial government had placed him back to Nanyang’s “hometown” to see the folks and elders.) .



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