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Advantages and elimination methods of online weighing machines

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Advantages of the online weighing machine:

1. Effectively improve production efficiency. Reduce unnecessary rework caused by employee turnover. Avoid high fines due to substandard product weight.

2. The online weighing machine can effectively control the cost for the manufacturer. Meet the demanding requirements of customers with weight testing.

3. Save labor. Self-testing by online weighing machine ensures zero defect of the product. While the interests of the manufacturer are not affected, the interests of the customers are not affected, so as to achieve a win-win situation.

Elimination method:

There are four main ways to eliminate online weighing machines: pusher type, air blow type, flap type, and swing arm type.

First, the push-type online weighing machine features: medium speed, accurate removal, suitable for eliminating the weight of the box, the lack of parts and other relatively large products.

Second, the characteristics of the air-blowing online weighing machine: the speed is very fast compared to other rejection methods, suitable for lighter products or fragile products, such as medical gauze, sesame official.

Third, the characteristics of the flip-type online weighing machine: medium speed, suitable for relatively thin products.

Fourth, the characteristics of the swing arm type online weighing machine: the speed is ranked second, the advantage is that the products are eliminated on both sides. 


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