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Advantages and characteristics of food metal detectors

Views:1     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-02      Origin:Site

Food metal detectors are widely used in the food industry. The food metal detector uses the high frequency balance principle to detect metal foreign matter remaining in the video. The food being tested is not in contact with the detector at all.

Product Usage:

1. Detect metal impurities in products of food processing, textile, chemical and other industries to ensure that the products are free of metal pollution and provide reliable quality assurance.

2. Detect metal impurities in raw materials of plastic rubber, textile, wood, mining and other industries, protect key equipment, reduce downtime, maintenance time and costs, and improve work efficiency.

Advantages of food metal detectors:

1. Intelligent detection, maintenance-free. The detection coil is made of stainless steel and the interior is completely sealed. The special structural design can effectively avoid interference from external factors such as vibration, noise and product effects.

2. The outer casing and the metal material that directly contacts the product part are made of stainless steel 304. Magnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities can be detected, even if the metal is embedded in the middle of the product.

3. Remove metal impurities online to ensure normal operation of the production line. Improve the quality of the product.

4. Optimize production links and increase production efficiency. Avoid consumer complaints and product recalls to improve corporate image.

Food metal detectors not only have high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability and stable and reliable performance, so as to ensure food safety. Food metal detectors are mostly used in the fields of frozen products and seafood, in addition to toys, clothing, textiles and other industries.

Food metal detectors use high-integration chips, high performance, and sensitivity to oscillators. From data acquisition to control, it adopts digital signal processing, high intelligence, easy to use, and automatic data processing and storage. Adopt integrated design, optimize product design, and reduce the number of components!


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