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ND-600 Single Probe Economical Needle Detector

  • ND-600

ND-600 Single Probe  Economical Metal Detector


  • A microcomputer touch screen interface operation system, combined functions of conventional anti-interference and reinforced anti-interference needle detectors, electronic detection data recording system and quality guarantee for enterprise product needle detection management and product quantity management.



  • 1. ABS plastic shell.

  • 2. Cycled,9 pairs of the sensor, excellent anti-disturbance performance.

  • 3. Based on the LED bar display control panel.

  • 4. Smart auto counter. Count the alarm and pass numbers automatically.

  • 5. Hi-accuracy detection locating technology, LED indication for alarm location to remind.

  • 6. Alarm functions can be divided into three types, buzzer sound, lamplight flash, and conveyor stop or belt return.

  • 7. Optional conveying mode after alarm; Optional automatical restart.

  • 8. Reliability mechanical frame design, Hi stable during detection.

  • 9. Designed for universal AC power supply, switch power supply.



Garment, textile, bra, baby product, shoes, socks, gloves and so on, for detecting impurities such as needle points, pins and scrap iron in products, preventing metal pollution of the products and guaranteeing product quality.

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Production Process:                                  

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Q: Quality:

A: We offer good quality machinery and it mainly shows in three aspects: (a) Working Life: about 7-8 years;(b) Good Stability: stability is the basic and most important performance of machinery; (c) Lower Expenditure of machinery daily maintenance. (d) All the machines before delivery, our QC will inspect it carefully to ensure good quality.

Q:How about the packing for the product?

A:Is it easy damaged during transportation? Our packing is Standard Export ploy Wooden Case. Every prepackage have plastic bags cover.

Q: How can you keep the machine good quality?

A: Best quality industrial stainless steel for machine raw material, strict QA, QC procedure before delivery, 1 or 2 days machine running test to track machine working performance, quality certificates like CE available.


Q: What is the lead time of this metal detector?

A: 15 days normally


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