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Dongguan Jiuling Network Technology Co.,Ltd. is committed to the Internet brand building and network marketing, professional areas, including enterprise-style website construction, e-commerce site construction, industry portal type site construction, group brand website construction, government portal construction, mobile phone website construction, domain name registration, Virtual host, business post office, flash animation production, website promotion and so on.

Dongguan Jiuling Network Technology Co.,Ltd. adhere to the "help small and medium enterprises to achieve network marketing" for the purpose, through a professional website construction services to enhance customer brand value; one-stop network marketing services to help customers increase sales; adhere to do useful site, More than 800 customers to provide quality Jianzhan services, customers get the praise.

Station is not the purpose, the key is to build a station to play a role. Tuowei network has a professional technology, a wealth of successful experience, excellent creative thinking, wholeheartedly for you to create a first-class brand Internet image, to provide a better one-stop Internet solutions to the customer's reputation to shape Tuowei network brand, Hand in hand with our customers, and common development and progress.

Web site system features:
1. Single-page module: can publish all kinds of information, such as business profile, organization, corporate honor, contact, etc., and free additions and deletions.
2. News module: can publish corporate news and industry news, support two columns, the number of columns unlimited.
3. Product module: product support two classification, and the product directly under the order inquiry, in line with corporate marketing.
4. Picture module: the picture album, can publish a successful case or company album and other columns, more intuitive display of the superiority of the enterprise.
5. Download module: users can upload documents in the background to facilitate the use of site customers to download.
6. Online message: Let the customer's comments can be timely feedback to the enterprise, and support e-mail notification, so that communication becomes more convenient.
7. Product search: the customer can enter the keyword search for the product, increasing the flexibility of the site.
8. Product copy: can be added to the product to copy, thereby enhancing the efficiency of adding products.
9. Picture watermark: in the background set the company's watermark pictures to prevent corporate product images were stolen.

10. Search optimization: the whole station to support pseudo-static, custom keywords, description, url, generate sitemap function, add the chain and the label and other functions.

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